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 Welcome to I Ching Systems' website opened for everyone around the globe who wants to 
 change the quality of people's lives.  I Ching Systems is an education and research company that 
 provides products and services to support you in transforming your life. This website will provide you 
 with opportunities to order the latest products and to learn about all our upcoming events.

 We all want happy, successful, satisfying lives. Yet all too often there are barriers to achieving our dreams. There 
 are  social, cultural,  familial and most importantly internal messages and patterns that can prevent us from 
 moving forward.  Those internal messages can tell us we are not good enough or that we do not deserve to have 
 a happy and satisfying life. 

 These messages are often the commands and demands of parents, teachers and other significant adults that have 
 nothing to do with who  you are and what you dream. These messages, both internal and in our external world, 
 are so familiar that most of us just listen to them automatically without conscious thought. The resulting patterns 
 consume our energy in protective, survival behaviors that rob us of the  life forces needed to move forward and 
 transform our lives. It is Time for a change!  I Ching Systems products and services are all aimed at supporting you 
 in improving the quality of your life and the lives of those around you.    Let's change the world!!

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Email:  marymiller@ichingsystems.info         
Call:  508-944-4250

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